Becoming a digital nomad: how to work while traveling

how to work while traveling

Becoming a digital nomad: how to work while traveling

Becoming digital nomads is a project that Martina and I are undertaking with a lot of passion and commitment. How many of you wouldn’t want to get up in the morning. Turn on your laptop and run your business from any location on the other side of the world? Not to mention the possibility of choosing how and where to move in complete freedom! Working while traveling is a dream for which, we are sure, many people would make false papers, including us! Becoming a digital nomad, however, is not the dream that everyone expects: it is a life choice that can lead to much personal satisfaction, but also requires a lot of commitment and sacrifices.

Who are the digital nomads and how to become one

Digital nomads are workers who, thanks to the earnings deriving from their employment, keep themselves constantly on the road. They move in complete freedom, often from day to day, traveling with a backpack, a computer, a telephone, and a camera! Unlike traditional jobs, which would allow anyone to be able to move from nation to nation and visit the world, digital nomads manage everything by working remotely, without the need to go to the office and live bound for long periods of time at the same time.

Seeing the world is their priority. What they need is a computer with a stable internet connection and a trade that allows them to raise income to finance their trip.

What you gain from being a digital nomad is complete freedom of decision and movement. You will have the ability to independently manage how much time to dedicate to your work. And how much time to leave to enjoy the world and personal passions.

Being a digital nomad is therefore a lifestyle in every sense. It is not just about taking on a job that allows you to make money through the internet. Deciding to embrace it means taking on the responsibilities related to the difficulties of every aspect of personal life. Including the management of relationships, of the household, of the personal balance between career and private life. In addition to the administration of their work and, therefore, of their earnings and savings available.

If all this doesn’t scare you, the opportunities can be many. Becoming a digital nomad is a choice that must be carefully considered. The real difference from your previous lives is that you will work for yourself and you can do it from anywhere in the world. If you are still reading this I can imagine you are really interested in really trying. So I would not be surprised if you are now wondering how it is possible to find a job that allows all this.

Becoming a digital nomad: here are some jobs that allow you to do it

Five people work with cell phones and computers at a table. With a view showing their hands and keyboards from above.

Writer / Editor

Any work-related words can easily be done online. If you have a strong passion for everything related to this world, you can choose to create content, review books and articles, translate texts and dialogues. You just need to find a company that allows you to work remotely. Or create your own business by proposing yourself as a freelancer on sites such as,, Great content or Fiverr.


The programmer category includes different professional figures, from the developer, the designer. And all the professionals who contribute to creating a product (such as an app, a website, an operating system) turn it into a source of income. Through the use of existing programming languages. A good idea may be to look for the most requested figures and learn the programming languages ​​and the necessary notions, even by yourself, using the many resources available on the web.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is a professional in the creation of visual graphic content such as banners, logos, website themes, and much more. Again, you can learn all the necessary notions by self-taught or by following sponsored courses. The web is constantly expanding, with constant requests for logos and advertising banners from companies and individuals. The market for graphic designers is very competitive but. As with everything, it can generate good income with commitment and with the right ideas.


The figure of the translator is a particularly profitable profession if you manage to specialize in very complex languages. ​​And widely requested by commercial channels, such as Chinese and Arabic. Avoid languages ​​like English or French, there is too much competition.

Digital Marketer

The digital marketer is the professional who specializes in promoting products. And guides online, both personal (like their courses) and others (earning on sales commissions). It can be challenging, at least initially, to acquire the necessary skills and work your way up as a recognized professional. In addition, it requires continuous training. Don’t be discouraged though. Once you get over the initial hurdle, it can lead to very profitable gains. To get an idea of ​​the knowledge necessary to undertake this profession. In addition to looking for the job offers available, I suggest you spend a few hours searching the web for information on online courses and on the most requested figures.

Social Media Manager

Initially little considered, the figure of the Social Media Manager has become fundamental on the web. A Social Media Manager takes care of managing the social profiles of companies, a brand, or a public figure. The purpose of this professional figure is to draw attention, from the audience or customers to the products or contents of the managed pages. The aim is to increase the exposure and, therefore, the sales of a product (in the case of brands or companies); or make the shared contents known to as many people as possible.

Travel blogger

The travel blogger is perhaps the most dreamed and discussed figure, but also the least known and misinterpreted one. A travel blogger does not make a lot of money through social media pages (not to be confused with an influencer). But uses them to convey the audience to his true source of income: the blog. He uses the blog as a personal diary where he publishes articles, tells stories, and shares his personal experiences. It collaborates with tourism organizations, national brands, and airlines.

It offers the visibility it has built on social networks and its ability to create interesting content for a fee. The sector offers many possibilities but it is competitive, in fact. There are few travel bloggers able to earn enough to support themselves. The profession of travel blogger does not guarantee complete freedom, as it is the tourism bodies that choose travel destinations. To be a successful travel blogger you should focus on a niche, specializing locally. So that you can get noticed by the tourist boards in the area.

Customer service

Customer service is one of the most common jobs among digital nomads, who choose it for the ease of communicating with the customer comfortably via chat, phone, or email. It is not difficult to find proposals from companies, which seek to offer active support 24/7. One possible difficulty working on the go in customer service comes from time zone differences, which could force you to work during unexpected time slots to talk to customers and meet deadlines.


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