Discount Shipping Helps Your Business A Lot More Than You Think

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Discount Shipping Helps Your Business A Lot More Than You Think

If you run a business that is online based – or even a local one that has a strong eCommerce presence – then you could assuredly benefit from the simple small business shipping tips that are about to be revealed right here and now in this article.

The truth is that studies show that customers in the eCommerce realm desire one thing over anything else: discount shipping, as is highlighted in a related white paper that outlines discount shipping as your best small business shipping tip. But getting discount shipping can be difficult, you might be thinking.

The truth is that it’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. You have options with a variety of online discount postage providers, ideal for the packages that you can send via USPS that are up to 20 pounds. There are even providers out there that connect you to volume discounts on USPS postage, even if you don’t meet the volume requirements.

So back to the question at hand: how does discount shipping help your online business?

Discount Shipping Helps to Spread the Words

One thing that studies have found is that people like to get discount shipping. When they do, and when your prices on the product are competitive, they are 65% likelier to tell a friend or a family member about your online store. And studies have also shown that 60% will choose a discount shipping option even if it means that they have to wait longer to get their package.

Closing the Deal Greatly Relies Upon Shipping Cost

Over 59% of consumers, according to new studies, have said that they want the shipping price to be relatively low in comparison to the value of the product that they are selling. If you offer discount shipping via Priority Mail, consumers get their packages fast and cheap, aiding in appeasing about 43% of shoppers that want their packages delivered in under eight business days with a discount shipping option.

Most Shoppers Want, Will Use a Discount Shipping Option

Even if your discount shipping option takes ten days by ground, it’s OK, because you are appealing to more than 70% of shoppers that want cheap shipping and are OK with it taking ten days to get to them. As you can see, discount shipping plays a strong role in sales and in the word of mouth advertising as well as repeat, loyal customers.

Other Small Business Shipping Tips

If you are looking for deals on shipping, there are a number of outlets that you can try.  Look at providers like Endicia and Stamps or even Pitney Bowes. All three tie you into instant discounts on digital USPS postage. Another provider, Express 1, has teamed up with TrueShip to offer discount shipping using a service called Flat Rate Select. All of these aforementioned options should be viably explored so you can reduce shipping costs and attract more customers.

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