Epic seven game can be an anime

Epic seven game

Epic seven game can be an anime

Epic seven game has recently started service in Japan. The anime industry is concerned about the future of their industry if this 7 on 7 epic battle style smartphone game becomes a hit.

“I would never have thought that this genre would come to life.” says anime director Obara Haruhiko. “The players are already fantasizing about which lucky voice actors will voice the characters in the game.”

How can epic seven games be an anime?

Epic seven has been described as a new style of battle where you choose your fighting characters from anime and voice actors. The battle system is slow but intense. In this game, the total fighting time is only about 10 minutes. You can experience epic battles like in an anime fight during that limited time.

This game is perfect for anime fans. We don’t have to worry about the story because it’s complete with an anime. We just need to write a new script and add original characters on top of the game story. Of course, there will also be players who aren’t anime fans but gamers.

How many percent do you think will be anime fans?

I think it’s better not to think about numbers. It will only make the anime industry weaker if they are discouraged because there are fewer anime fans.

Epic seven-game has just released their service in Japan. It’s too soon to have any worry now. According to Suzuki, now is the time to encourage each other. Keep reading epic seven anime

What is special in epic seven game anime?

According to Suzuki, the special thing about epic seven game anime is how it’s a direct collaboration with voice actors and voice actresses.

In this game, you can choose from over 100 anime fighting characters from popular fighting games. They include Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Bleach and more. Even if the title of an anime is changed, the characters are the same.

The voice actors for these anime are also included in this game, for example Naruto’s voice actress Uchida Maaya and Bleach’s voice actor Morita Masakazu. Moreover, there are original characters to make an epic seven battle even more intense. Players can choose whether to play as a team of anime characters or an original character team.

There are over 60 different voice actors and actresses in the game, which is quite impressive for a smartphone game by itself. The problem is their schedule; they are all talented actors that are busy with other projects.

Is Epic seven the best anime game?

Epic seven game is created by Nexon, so it’s customary for this company to release a new game every month. According to Suzuki there are times where they’ve had to fight against Nexon about the release schedule. He says that he’d like to take his time with epic seven to make sure everything goes well. So far, Nexon has been very supportive of the team and allowed them to take more time than usual.

Epic seven game just released their service in Japan and there isn’t really any way to see how it’s doing. According to Suzuki, this is why they can’t think about just two or three seasons for the anime. Since epic 7 is a collaboration between voice actors and voice actresses, it’s going to take a long time. It might be hard for Nexon at first, but they will probably see the numbers climbing up soon.

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