How to block unwanted SMS

How to block unwanted SMS

We will surely have received advertising text messages on our mobile phone that is very often so frequent as to be annoying. This happens when, for example, we provide our telephone number to register on some internet sites, which then use them to send us various types of advertising. If we want to solve this problem, but we are not very experienced with this world, we can try to search the internet for guides that show us all the various techniques to use in order to avoid receiving annoying advertisements all the time. In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to block unwanted SMS.

How to block unwanted SMS

Unwanted messages can really come from dozens and dozens of sources. Telephone operators, advertisements, market surveys, etc., can be really intrusive and become a real nightmare. Continuously hearing the arrival of unwanted messages can become really unbearable and in order to no longer have this perennial stress, it is important to block their arrival on your mobile phone through the right procedures. The operation that will allow us to perform this block can only be done on Android phones and not on too obsolete devices that do not allow you to download specific applications.

Current smartphones with Android and iOS have options built to block the messages from certain numbers or contacts without having to install apps further. Remember that you will not be able to retrieve the messages that you block unless they send you the message again.

Applications to download

The applications that can block incoming SMS on your SmartPhone are really a lot. We will, therefore first have to connect to the internet from the mobile phone and download an application suitable for blocking SMS from the Google Play Store. “SMS Blocker”, “SMS Filter”, “Spam SMS Blocker” are just some of the applications that allow us to block the reception of incoming SMS. These applications will allow us to block any unwanted calls or SMS arriving on the SmartPhone. Once you have downloaded the application on your mobile, let’s install it and configure it according to our needs.

Code for blocking SMS

If we do not have a mobile phone with a connection or we are unable to download applications for the phone, we can block all incoming SMS by typing * 35PASSWORD * 16 # on the phone keypad. By typing in these numbers and inserting the number of the Wind, Tim or Vodafone telephone operator instead of “PASSWORD”, we will be able to block all incoming SMS, without selecting only the numbers from which we no longer want to receive messages.

Block SMS in ios

To block SMS messages and stop receiving messages from contacts that you select yourself or have entered their number manually, just go to Settings / Messages / Blocked contacts.

Nowadays, phones are used for a lot of purposes, from recreational to educational or fun. However, they are also used as a tool of marketing to reach promotions or ad users without their consent. For this reason, if you have ever had to deal with an unwanted message from a company, here we have indicated the step by step to stop receiving them.

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