How to root android phone manually and do these after rooting

root android phone manually

How to root android phone manually and do these after rooting

Android is an open-source OS, so users can customize their devices’ software, thanks to its high degree of flexibility. For root, we mean an unlocking procedure that allows you to further increase your freedom of action. Therefore, rooting an Android device means controlling your device entirely, modifying files, and applications to your liking. In the following guide, we will see just How to root an android phone manually.

How to root an android phone manually?

First of all, make sure that the procedure for enabling root is legal. To enable root, you must first back up all data on your smartphone or tablet. This appears essential as you have to unlock the bootloader when you root for the first time. This will lead to the deletion of any data on the Android device. Once this is done, proceed by unlocking the bootloader, the software that starts as soon as the device is turned on. How to unlock may vary from device to device.

Next, you will need to install a completely customized recovery. Recall, for example, TWRP or ClockworkMod. This will allow you to upload root files with administrator permissions already unlocked. Search to find the recovery that best suits your device and, after installation, proceed to the next step. You need to install the Root files on your Android device. In this regard, we remind you that you can replace the standard version of Android or even install the root without however replacing the Android version on your mobile device. The choice will depend on your preferences.

The root files will be distributed in the form of zip packages that you will need to run to complete the installation. Restart the device in recovery mode, select the Install option, and choose the root Zip package. Now you can then restart your smartphone or tablet and finally use the unlocked Android version. The procedure is not extremely complex: it is good to have some preliminary knowledge about the operations related to the root of a device.

What to do after rooting Android?

As we shall see throughout this guide, advanced Android technology now allows the user to deeply personalize their device by installing and uninstalling your liking your favorite applications. It is necessary to modify the system to obtain the c. D root permissions. Below, we will see exactly what root is exactly and above all what to do after rooting on Android (taking into account that root permissions allow you to install excellent Android programs, programs that allow the device to carry out particular actions, not executable without these permissions).

Install Tasker

Here is the first thing I recommend you do after rooting Android: install Tasker. It is a downloadable application for about 3 euros, which will allow you to increase your smartphone (or tablet). With this program, you can select certain actions that will be performed automatically by the Android device at the time you set yourself.

Install Titanium Backup

Here is another program that I highly recommend you install after rooting: Titanium Backup. It is an application that allows you to restore numerous elements of your smartphone (for example, data, photos, videos, and applications that are now deleted). This is another program that necessarily requires root.

Install Juice Defender

Juice Defender is another useful program, downloadable only after obtaining root permissions. It is a program that will allow you to reduce excessive battery consumption. Download it for free to enjoy its huge benefits.

Install Link2SD

Link2SD is a peculiar Android application, an application that will finally allow you to solve the problem of space in your Android device (both smartphone and tablet). With this application, you can take advantage of more internal memory to increase the number of installed applications. I recommend you download it.

Install Screencast Video Recorder

Here is the last thing I recommend you do after rooting: the last useful program that I recommend you download: Screencast Video Recorder. The application in question allows you to make recordings from the smartphone screen itself and record audio and take screenshots. It is a very useful application to download, especially if you love to record events and situations often.

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