Webinar: How to best use them for lead generation

Webinar for lead generation

Webinar: How to best use them for lead generation

Webinars can represent an excellent system for lead generation, attracting potential customers and establishing a good relationship with them. It is not easy to convince users to turn into leads and make a conversion to purchase. You need tenacity, attention and a long courtship phase to accompany the potential customer along the sales funnel steps.

Especially in the field of B2B marketing, potential customers carry out a large number of searches on the companies with which to open a new relationship before contacting them directly. To make known your commercial proposal, your services and products, it can be very useful to set up a webinar. This allows you to field a highly professional, comprehensive, dynamic, and interactive type of communication. The brand that holds a webinar stands in an authoritative position, but available for dialogue with possible interested customers.

What is a webinar?

It is a seminar conducted via the web. The word webinar comes from the merging of the terms ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. It is done live through the intervention of a professional who addresses an audience made up of those who have registered, who will follow the session remotely via an internet connection. One of the advantages of this popular format is that it lends itself to different forms of information delivery, from the more promotional to the educational ones.

A company can use the webinar to make itself known, concretely giving a face to its brand. Its products and services can be presented in an exhaustive way, with the advantage of interactivity. In fact, those who follow the webinar can also speak directly, thanks to the availability offered by the software or the site to which the participants connect, asking questions and making speeches.

How to make the most of the webinar for lead generation?

Choose relevant and engaging content

The argument of the online seminar choice is crucial to attract potential customers. In fact, webinars have become very popular and the competition for registration must push towards the choice of a theme that is relevant to the specific nature of the brand, but also captivating. Essential to find the contents is to perform a webinar plot design work to be able to make lead generation and at the same time try to push towards conversion. Keep reading The 5 pillars of any effective online marketing strategy

Adopt the right format

Once you have identified the topic on which the online seminar will focus, it is very important to decide which format to adopt. You can choose to conduct the webinar through the presentation of case studies that talk about our modus operandi and the results we have achieved. These are stories that concern the customers of the company: the storytelling of cases can be very useful for lead generation and induce purchasing, as it generates empathy, interest and a real sense of concreteness.

Another webinar formula is that of the round table with industry experts. By using external resources, it is possible to give credibility to your brand, to give the real perception of being on the piece, to ride the crest of the wave with respect to your sector.

Finally, another type of frame within which to talk about your brand is the demonstration one, with the presentation of your products or specific services and tutorials. In this way, participants will also be able to ask the presenter more specific questions about the characteristics of the products and how they can be offered to customers, but also about more technical aspects such as delivery times, assistance service, etc.

Use storytelling to be interesting

To be able to breach the attention of the spectators and make sure that they remain until the end of the seminar, using narrative strategies can be of great importance. In fact, leaving the memory of an interesting presentation can be decisive in making possible customers lean towards future conversions. Rather than building a discourse for loose points, it is better to involve the participants in a precise and captivating exhibition path. A good way, for example, is to start with a question and develop the answer by successive degrees of increasing depth and completeness throughout the webinar.

How to promote the webinar to attract the audience?

After the main aspects of the webinar have been defined, potential participants should be informed of its existence. One of the most effective channels to promote it is social networks, where users are instinctively attracted to all the occasions when they can be involved in something to actively participate in. Planning a specific advertising campaign, to be started ten days before the date of the webinar, can be the right solution to obtain a good audience.

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