4 Qualities of a True Digital Marketing/SEO Expert


4 Qualities of a True Digital Marketing/SEO Expert

Because of Google’s frequent updates, it has become almost impossible to distinguish between the various facets of digital marketing: SEO relies on social media and vice versa, paid search relies on similar factors as SEO. This means that companies today require not only an SEO expert in their employ, but also a person who understands how all digital marketing fields flow into each other. The following are the most important qualities to look for:

  1. Proper SEO understanding

Search engine optimization is at the heart of online marketing, existing as long as Google and Internet search has existed. While tactics may change, the central idea of SEO remains, which is improving website visibility by providing true value for users. These tactics are aimed at providing the best possible experience to users every time.

Google is inarguably the main search engine – impressive, powerful, and always changing, keeping experts on their toes. With a ranking algorithm that features over a hundred signals, the true SEO expert is the one who understands and keeps track of these changes and is able to translate them into advantages for his/her website/clients.

  1. Comfort with social media

Social signals are becoming more and more important in Google and other search engines’ ranking algorithms. Therefore, good SEO is about having a robust understanding of various social media sites, most especially Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram depending on your line of business. Most of your audience frequents some social media site or other, and hence you should know how to leverage these sites to improve your website’s visibility and hence ranking in organic search.

  1. Understanding of website conversion

Conversion is important for any marketing strategy because the reason that a company would invest in marketing is to eventually improve their bottom-line. Therefore, while it is important to raise awareness and reach a large audience with your website posts, it is more important to know and track the percentage of this audience reached that translates into paying customers for the business, or subscribers to the newsletter – whatever conversion means for you as a business.

Conversion is where the money lies, and hence the SEO should be the difference between simply generating a high volume of leads and generating high-quality leads that translate to paying customers. To do this, techniques like A/B testing, conversion optimization and website analysis should be at their fingertips.

  1. They can create good content

The core of online marketing is in creating and publishing high-quality, good content that will bring in links, shares, likes and traffic into the website. Google in turn interprets the popularity of your content as indications that the site offers users true value, and will rank the content higher. Therefore, a true SEO specialist should know something about creating content that will improve your status on all places over the internet.

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