The best cooking recipe apps with varied dishes

Best cooking apps

The best cooking recipe apps with varied dishes

For many, cookbooks are a thing of the past. With the emergence of online recipes, we have left the books on the shelf, thus preventing their pages from getting dirty while we prepare food in the kitchen. On the contrary, we now have mobile devices that we have to manipulate to see the complete recipe while our hands are full of food scraps. We do not know what is worse, dirtying the books or the tablets and mobiles. What we do know is that cooking recipe apps are here to stay. Now the job is ours to choose the application that best suits our culinary needs.

Learn to cook with the best recipe apps

Whether you already work well in the kitchen or if you are a beginner, it can be interesting to get new ideas. That is why the applications that we propose can give you a boost to try to prepare dishes that you did not even imagine existed.

Above all, it can help you find new preparation or cooking techniques. Even foods that you may have tried in a restaurant and do not know how to execute. Or maybe you thought that some foods were very complex and you discover that they are within your reach. It’s a matter of digging into the recipe book and trying, you’ll see that you don’t have to be a chef to cook.

Divine Kitchen (Pati Ventana SLU)

Cooking apps make life easier

We start with this app with a very suggestive name. Opening it delights us with images of the prepared dishes, something that quickly attracts the eye. The search engine is easy to use and works very well finding multiple recipes with the ingredients entered.

It can be ideal whether we are looking for a specific recipe or if we do not know what to do. And it is that when seeing the colorful images more than one will launch to elaborate without thinking about the complexity. Anything to cook something excellent!

In addition, the categories section (bread, sauces, starters, rice dishes, soups, etc.) makes it easier for us to search for recipes based on our aspirations.

We liked that it does not require registration and its advertising is not invasive, which makes it very easy to use.


Let’s go with one of the best-known applications. At first glance, the organization of images and layout is spot on. If we investigate looking for recipes, we observe that the search engine fulfills its mission perfectly, even putting several ingredients.

It has a very wide variety of recipes, probably one of the apps with the most recipes. The explanations are good and are accompanied by photos to see the result.

There is also a section with Premium recipes that is paid. In this case, for 1.49 euros per month, we will have access to these most exclusive creations.

As soon as you install it, it forces you to register to access it, something that can put some users off. In its favor, we must say that it lacks advertising, something common in apps with some paid functions.

Kitchen Stories

Another great cookbook to look for new ideas. Together with the images of the dishes, it shows us the approximate preparation time, something that those who do not have much time will appreciate. When entering the recipes we can see up to 5 stars of user ratings, so we can guide ourselves if you usually like the dish.

The explanation format is step by step, almost like having an assistant by your side. They usually have a very good explanation and are well ordered.

The search system does not work as well as in other applications. It is better to put a single ingredient in the searches or go digging through the categories. Otherwise, there may be a recipe with the ingredients but the search engine does not find it.


We continue with this application with a name almost identical to the Asian noodle. Start with a search engine that works very well in case you are clear about what you want to do. In addition, the app suggests ingredients to combine with those you have already entered. It is almost like choosing a dish to your liking with a counselor who guides you. Of course, the elaboration is at your expense.

In case you don’t have ideas, he also suggests dishes with some photos that whet your appetite. When you decide on a recipe, it lets you know the time, difficulty, and steps to follow. It even offers you little tricks to get the best finish.

The user rating system will allow us to know if they usually like the elaboration. And for those who want more information, can access to see the balance and nutritional value of each recipe. A good functionality that is paid, although it allows you to try it for 7 days for free. Also, some recipes are only accessible if you pay the subscription.

Cooking Recipes

The last of the analyzed apps has a name that is not misleading. It is a recipe book with elaborations organized by categories. A search engine is missing to find what we are looking for quickly. Instead, we will have to navigate through the menus until we find our desire.

The menus have an unusual but functional design. The recipes are very simple and with the necessary explanations.

At the advertising level, we consider that it is uncomfortable to have to see an advertisement before each recipe. In addition, the app sends several notifications saying hello every day, something that can be annoying. Luckily they can be disabled like in any other app.

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