The 5 pillars of any effective online marketing strategy

online marketing strategy

The 5 pillars of any effective online marketing strategy

The implementation of an online marketing strategy consists of a series of actions and operating lines that must be continuously up to date. The tools, platforms, functionalities available on the internet and on the web continually take new forms and create new opportunities, therefore communication and marketing tactics and operations must be modified accordingly to remain effective to the maximum degree.

In hindsight, however, there are digital marketing methods that do not lose their incisiveness and that must always be included in a strategic plan. Others are back in the news. Still others have become increasingly important and indispensable.

In general, here are the 5 pillars of an online marketing strategy that must always be present …

Company Website

It may seem obvious and without a doubt, the website is the starting point of any marketing strategy. The site is the owner space of a company on the web and cannot be replaced by any account of any social network.

A good site must be descriptive, reliable, responsive, mobile-friendly and, if it includes an e-commerce platform, it must be able to guide users directly and naturally towards completing a purchase. There is nothing worse than browsing a website of a company that does not immediately declare what it does and what it offers consumers or does not allow users to orient themselves immediately while they are browsing the various product pages .

Corporate Blog

We have already confirmed the importance of a blog that, if it is not already part of the site, it might be useful to add. A company blog will be an added value with positive implications: promoting the brand, encouraging dialogue between consumers, improving the entire SEO sector.

Few companies have the constancy to keep their blog alive by publishing posts on a regular basis, but it should not be forgotten that even in the era of social networks, content continues to dominate. A constant care of the blog can generate more opportunities than you could hope for, so it is worth trying. The extra idea: post your articles, as a guest, on other websites. In this way, the company will be able to take advantage of a new audience by benefiting from a reflex advertising, which will lead other visitors to its site.

Social Media Marketing

Today a marketing strategy cannot be considered valid if it does not include social media marketing actions. If well exploited, social channels offer the opportunity to reach an extraordinarily specific and meticulously defined target.

Social media can really make a difference in the world of advertising and branding: consumers have changed the way they communicate and the global success of social networks is proof of this. Communication in social networks is very direct and personal, characteristics that allow you to increase the value of the results of online marketing strategies and obtain a very consistent return on investment. Keep reading Facebook marketing goals for small and medium businesses

Paid Advertising

In 2020, hoping to obtain great visibility only by exploiting the one granted free of charge by the various social networks or by Google is pure illusion. What is now unquestionable is that companies now have to invest a portion of their marketing budget in advertising, if they want to reach their online audience.

The difficulty is in choosing which channel to use for advertising: Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram are the ones that currently produce the best results. However, there are many other channels that should not be ignored and which can be extremely effective depending on the type of customers you want to reach.

Email Marketing

The disappearance of email marketing is an urban legend that has been hovering over the web for several years, even with the advent of social media and their opportunities. The reality of the facts, however, is different: almost everyone has at least one email address, many have a smartphone and the ability to check their email anywhere and at any time multiplies exponentially.

The simplicity with which a company can obtain the email address of its current and potential customers is now well established via forms to be filled in or mobile applications for example.

The birth of email marketing automation technologies has led to a higher degree of effectiveness of corporate communication based on e-mail, allowing to send each subscriber to a mailing list different and targeted contents based on their real interests. In this way, the chances of pushing users to a purchase thanks to an email have become far greater than those thought even up to a couple of years ago.

For these reasons, not including email marketing in a well-structured online business communication plan is counterproductive.

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