Know The Link Management For A Higher Page Ranking!


Know The Link Management For A Higher Page Ranking!

Does your blog or website contains high quality as well as informative content and is still running out of the results on search engines? If your answer is yes, you are supposed to make a detailed link-building plan for the same. Backlinks are an integral part of link-building process and you are expected to have a profound knowledge about Links Management for the same.

Do Follow & No Follow Backlinks:

Do follow backlinks are the links that pass the ‘link juice’ to the referred website and play a vital role in page rank building. These backlinks help a search engine to decide a higher page ranking in the search results of a search engine. The links referred to a particular website also helps a website to attract the traffic of a website to the referred website. However, having many do follow inbound links may be considered as spam by the search engines and this is where the idea of no follow backlinks comes from. No follow backlinks are the inbound links that doesn’t feed any ‘link juice’ top any referred website and the search engines consider it as simple HTML text. Such inbound links have no direct role in page rank building on Google but they have been useful to improve pages ranking for some other search engines such as Yahoo. Having too many do follow inbound links is also not good for the reputation of a website or a blog and no follow inbound links help with the same. These inbound links bring a huge traffic from target audience. Also, once can easily get no follow backlinks from highly reputed and well-ranked websites rather than do follow links that refer the audience to a particular website. Moreover, no follow links prevent from getting banned due to spam linking.

Natural and SEO links:

Website owners build a lot link for SEO purposes and then they strive hard to make these links look natural to the search engine. Let me tell you first how Google consider a link natural and how Google identifies a paid link. Usually in natural links, both the donor as well as acceptor sites have the same topic as it increases the possibilities of attracting target traffic. The link anchors should look natural: of course, it’s normal to use keywords, but it is very important to diversify the anchors by using anchors like ‘here’, simply using text URL of the site or by adding image URLs. The links in the text should have some logic, without reference to specific page that means the links should be located at some random place on page, not in a special box for links. SEO links are backlinks bought to refer to a particular website. These links can be temporary as well as permanent. Permanent backlinks are the inbound links that are bought forever with a one-time payment. These links remain active throughout the entire lifetime of the donor site. Social bookmarks are the SEO links are in trends nowadays and help attract the target audience greatly. Also, the links from .GOV and .EDU sites are considered trust-worthy and help attract a huge traffic to a website.

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