What to do if the mobile is not charging?

mobile is not charging

What to do if the mobile is not charging?

The mobile phone is nowadays an indispensable accessory if we want to communicate quickly and easily with our friends or relatives. However, if we want it always works well, we will have to avoid putting it in moist places full of dust. However, it may happen that the mobile phone does not recharge when we connect it to the power outlet, so in this case, we will have to take some simple but effective measures to make it work perfectly. In the next steps of this guide, so let’s see what to do if the phone does not recharge.

Check the charger cable

The first thing to do is to check the charger cable, because if it is worn out, the mobile phone charges with difficulty or, in some cases, not at all. If we find out that it is this problem, then it is necessary to buy a new one which must be perfectly compatible with our phone, so it is better if the same brand of the mobile phone.

Clean the charging socket

Another tip is to carefully clean the charging socket on our mobile phone; in fact, even dust may get stuck inside the cell phone socket, preventing it from being recharged. To clean the charging socket of the mobile phone, we can use a brush with soft and small bristles or a paper handkerchief. Furthermore, we can also disassemble our mobile phone and make sure that the battery is inserted perfectly. Sometimes it can happen that the battery does not recharge because it has not been inserted correctly. If, on the other hand, we notice it damaged, the advice is to buy a new battery in the shop where we bought our phone, or in one that sells spare parts for mobile phones and smartphones.

Purchase a new battery

On the other hand, if our mobile phone is very old, then we can buy the replacement battery on numerous sites on the web, which sell new spare parts at a very low price as they are inventories. If our mobile phone is of the latest generation and still under warranty, we can also take it to the appropriate service center, where a qualified employee will be able to view and repair it for free in no time. Finally, to avoid wearing out the battery, we do not keep the mobile phone constantly under charge even when it is not needed, and above all, we do not put it next to heat sources that could damage it.

Why is a phone not charging?

The first step is to clean the charger entrance: both in Android and iOS smartphones, there can be accumulations of dust or other elements that block the charge. Very carefully, try to clean the inside without damaging the entrance (alternatively have a technician do it): often with the cleaning of 10 seconds you solve the problem completely and it is advisable to buy a can of compressed air (often used to clean computers and keyboards) and let the air do the cleaning without risk).

This procedure is advisable both because the phone does not charge in the presence of dust and because the phone recharges in fits and starts: if the slightest pressure on the cable is enough to stop charging, this could be a solution.

Also, remember that certain applications, such as games, consume more battery than the charger can retrieve, so you may see your phone shut down even while plugged in.

A tip in this regard, if you have a dead phone and you need to charge it as much as possible before going out, is to close all apps and put it in airplane mode while charging: you will see that the battery level will rise much faster.

The fault could be the battery: although this is the rarest case, sometimes the smartphone battery (especially if used for a long time improperly) can be damaged and no longer maintain the charge level for a long time.

Having the battery replaced is the most effective solution, even if often expensive. If the charge level does not allow you to reach the end of the day, then I suggest you buy a cover with an integrated battery.

It is a smartphone case with a second battery inside: just press a single button to start charging wherever you are, even if it tends to increase the weight of the smartphone itself.


We must talk about the damage caused by use: in particular, if your smartphone has been exposed to water or other liquids and these have reached the internal components, you must absolutely take it to a technician. Unfortunately, no bowl of rice can help.

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