Why Cant You Advertise Kratom or Cannabis on Facebook

Advertise Kratom or Cannabis on Facebook

Why Cant You Advertise Kratom or Cannabis on Facebook

Facebook marketing is a big part of the online social media product campaigning. It’s one of the best platforms to target a large demographic. If your advertising game is good, the whole thing could lead to amazing conversion and sales.

However, things are a little different for certain products and industries like the cannabis and kratom industry. Since both are illegal at federal levels, all social media platforms including Facebook have policies that severely limit advertising and marketing options for these businesses. The rules can be even stricter for kratom which is even more controversial than cannabis.

In the past, several businesses from these industries have had their social media pages and profiles shut down without so much as a prior notice by Facebook. It is very much possible for you as a cannabis or kratom business to have accounts banned if you try to place ads on Facebook.

But, despite all the challenges and risks that come with social media advertising and ad camping on this platform, there are some tactics that businesses can follow to leverage their situation and increase their reach without risking losing everything. Brands like kratom crazy white borneo have had amazing results with these tactics.

Challenges of Advertising on Facebook For These Businesses

Below are some obstacles you may face with your ads on Facebook:

  • Use of words like cannabis or marijuana could get your Adverts disapproved – According to Facebook policies, only pre-approved drug companies are allowed to run adverts. It treats cannabis-related products the same as alcohol, hate speech adverts, and online gambling. That is why words like cannabis do not align with their privacy policy and may not be allowed.
  • Adverts containing images of only marijuana may be disapproved

This is yet another challenge that you would need to be mindful of. Facebook does not allow standalone photos of cannabis or kratom.

  • Consistently disapproved adverts could bring down your credit score – Facebook uses its ‘trustworthiness’ ratings as a measure to stop the circulation of misleading information on the platform. When a lot of people report something as false, Facebook assigns a special team to check for the credibility of the story.

But, since checking for every story is a bit of a task, the platform instead relies on trust ratings. If you break Facebook’s privacy policies consistently, your trustworthiness factor will come down. This will diminish your online visibility.

  • Your account may be banned if you break any of these rules – If it’s a severe case, Facebook may even ban your account. It could take a lot of time to get it working again.

Advertising Tips for Marijuana and Kratom Business on Facebook

Since Facebook is rather rigid with its policies for stuff like cannabis and marijuana, marketers have had to come up with tactics so their trustworthiness score doesn’t drop and their accounts don’t get banned.

Below are some tried and tested ways in which you can bypass those policies and advertise your product on Facebook –

  • Be Wary of the Language You Use – This is common knowledge. In fact, this is the first golden rule of online marketing. The words you pick can make or break your marketing campaign. Picking the right words is all the more important when you’re promoting cannabis or kratom-related products. But, how do you avoid using words like cannabis?

One way is to use hyphens. For example, adverts like ‘medical-cannabis’ may be approved while ‘medical cannabis’ will be flagged. This is because Facebook treats the former advert as ‘one’ word while ‘medical cannabis’ will be counted as two different words.

  • Create a conversion funnel – After several of your adverts have been approved by Facebook’s algorithm – it’s time to move on to creating a conversion funnel. This is a tool that helps marketers better understand how customers navigate through their site and what gets them to take action.

With this kind of knowledge, you get a better sense of the type of adverts that proved effective on customers and drove sales. A funnel allows you to better tweak your adverts in a way that improves the quality of customers, sales, impressions, and traffic on the site. 

You can follow this 4-step method to create a conversion funnel –

Make sure your customers are aware of the product you’re selling. Any tactic that gets your target audience to notice your brand is good. Two ways in which you can do that is –

  • PPC Campaigns – These campaigns allow you to target customers that are actively looking for products/services like yours.
  • Organic Search – This is a long-term strategy that takes time but it gets you to target customers at a relatively lower cost.
  • Get your customers interested in the product/service you’re promoting 
  • Tell/show them why they need your kratom/cannabis product. 
  • Pick Watermarked Photos – If your Facebook adverts are getting banned because they contain a cannabis or kratom image, then try using some watermarked photos and add some text to it. This type of adverts with branding are approved by Facebook Ad manager even if the product contains a marijuana photo. Facebook bots give preference to branded products whereas it flags unbranded products/images.

In Conclusion

These are some of the tried and tested ways in which you can work your way around Facebook’s strict marketing policies. Always remember to play it safe and educate yourself with its privacy policies.

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