Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is better to use for online advertising?

Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is better to use for online advertising?

Facebook Ads or Google Ads? What is the best platform for online advertising? This is somewhat the question of the moment in the field of digital marketing. And in fact, when you intend to allocate a share of the budget to sponsorship, choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of advertising. In fact, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the most important online advertising channels. However, these have different characteristics, and they allow reaching different audiences and different objectives.

Will the user look for us or will we reach the user?

Before setting up an advertising strategy, one of the first points to solve refers to the ways: will the user look for it or will the company find possible customers? In fact, Facebook and Google are advertising arenas based on profoundly different assumptions.

Facebook is a social network to which users connect to stay in touch with friends and relatives and to cultivate their interests. Usually subscribers to the social network are not active in the search for content, but find the content that other users publish in a more or less passive way in their news feed. The contents that are displayed are a function of the activity of the friends with whom you are in contact, the Facebook algorithm that decides what to filter among all the existing contents and the type of interactions that the user has carried out with his contacts.

Google is instead a search engine in its primal dimension. Users actively turn to it to research what is of interest to them by inserting queries, to resolve doubts, to satisfy curiosities, especially through short-term connection sessions called micro moments.

Different stages of the buyer’s journey

The difference between the two platforms also lies in the buyer’s journey phase, i.e. the set of sequential actions carried out by a user before making a purchase that their advertising systems are able to intercept.

On Facebook, people who are at ToFu level, which is at the Top of the Funnel, the entrance to the sales funnel, can be easily reached where there are users who still do not even know they are interested in the products or company. Thus, if a photography course is to be promoted, photography can be included in the interests of users when creating an audience on the Social Business Manager. All users who have this interest will find the insertion of the company and will be able to learn about its specific offer or even just about the existence of the brand or a specific product. Some of these users will then begin to consider the company when they decide to buy a product of that type. Others will begin to think that the product can actually respond to some specific need and will begin to evaluate it.

On Google Ads instead, through the Search Network (the ads that are displayed in the SERPs based on the correspondence with the predefined keywords) users who have a clearer idea of what they want can be reached. These people are present at a lower level of the funnel. They could be in MoFu, that is to say in the Middle of Funnel, if not already in BoFu, the Bottom of Funnel in which the potential buyer is already determined to buy and is looking for the best product that can satisfy him.

If you choose to publish an ad on the Display Network, Google allows you to display advertising banners on partner sites of the search engine and this allows you to reach users who do not yet know the company and its products and who do not yet know well if they will need them. . The Google Display Network also acts at ToFu level, but this time it intercepts users based on the specific contents of the web pages they are viewing. Keep reading 4 tips to improve Facebook listings

Which is better Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

If you ask the question, we have to answer: it depends!  The objectives of the campaign must be considered, the manner in which the buyer person will probably search for or find the company on the Internet and what is the level of the sales funnel (ToFu, MoFu, BoFu) on which it is intended to work.

It is often better to act in concert on both advertising arenas to cover all types of possible customers and to be found on both channels, which intercept different phases of the same possible customer who completes his path within the sales funnel.

Defining an effective online advertising plan is far from trivial. The aspects to be evaluated are numerous and refer both to the specific characteristics of the products and the company, and to the characteristics of the ideal customer to whom it is addressed. Designing and managing an advertising campaign better means not only having a significant return on investment in the short term, but also laying the foundations for a more solid relationship with customers in the long term. If you want support in creating truly effective online advertising campaigns for your business, do not hesitate to contact us and request a free consultation or a quote for our digital marketing services designed for your business. We will put our expertise in the field at your disposal to help your company get the best results in online marketing.

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