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Creative technology is a broadly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field combining computing, design, art and the humanities.


Creative development is the process of developing creative abilities through exploration, decision making and expression.


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Nine best video editing applications

To start my YouTube channel, I’ve had to research dozens of video editing applications. I don’t have much experience in the subject so I had to learn and try several before choosing the best ones.

The advantages of including technology in construction

The Construction sector is one of the most traditional in the country and perhaps the most reluctant to use technology. Due to the comfort that professionals have in maintaining the construction processes they learned during their training.

However, in the opinion of the expert in bridge construction, Galvarino Pinto. The incorporation of emerging technologies in this industry allows reducing the costs. And execution times of the works, as well as improve their quality for the benefit of the population.

The best cooking recipe apps with varied dishes

For many, cookbooks are a thing of the past. With the emergence of online recipes, we have left the books on the shelf, thus preventing their pages from getting dirty while we prepare food in the kitchen. On the contrary, we now have mobile devices that we have to manipulate to see the complete recipe while our hands are full of food scraps. We do not know what is worse, dirtying the books or the tablets and mobiles. What we do know is that cooking recipe apps are here to stay. Now the job is ours to choose the application that best suits our culinary needs.

The 10 best technologies for information security

Cloud access security agents, micro-segmentation, DevOps tests. And remote browsers, are among the technologies identified by Gartner for information security in 2016.


Technologies for security

It has identified the ten most exciting information security technologies and their implications for security organizations this year. The consultant’s analysts have analyzed the industry trends during the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2016 event.

“Information security teams and infrastructures must adapt to support the requirements of emerging digital businesses, while also coping with the increasingly advanced threat landscape,” said Neil MacDonald, vice president, distinguished analyst at Gartner. . “Security and risk leaders must fully engage with the latest technology trends. So they can define, achieve and maintain effective security. And risk management programs that simultaneously enable digital business opportunities and manage risk.”

Taking this situation into account, analysts have identified the Top 10 technologies in terms of information security:

Cloud Access Security Brokers

(CASBs), which provides information security professionals with a critical point of control for the secure and compliant use of cloud services across multiple cloud providers.

Endpoint Detection and Response

(EDR), whose market is rapidly expanding in response to the need for more effective endpoint protection. And the emerging imperative to detect potential breaches and react faster.

Signatureless Approaches to Endpoint Prevention

Noting that signature-based approaches to malware prevention are ineffective against advanced and targeted attacks. Multiple techniques are emerging that augment traditional signature-based approaches. Including memory protection and exploit prevention that prevents the most common ways malware enters systems. And learning-based malware prevention. Automatic using mathematical models as an alternative to signatures for malware identification and blocking.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

(UEBA), which provides user-centric analytics around user behaviors but also with other entities such as endpoints, networks, and applications, making analytics results more accurate and more effective for threat detection.

Micro-segmentation and Visibility Flow

When attackers have found a foothold in enterprise systems. They can usually move unhindered to other systems, so there is an emerging need for this micro-segmentation to deal with them, and several of the solutions provide visibility and control of communication flows. Visualization tools allow security and operations managers to understand flow patterns, set segmentation policies, and control deviations. In addition, several vendors offer optional encryption of network traffic between workloads to protect data in motion and provide cryptographic isolation between workloads.

Security testing for DevOps

(DevSecOps). For Gartner, security must be an integral part of DevOps – DevSecOps-style workflows. DevSecOps operating models are emerging that use scripts, recipes, and footprints. Templates to drive the subsequent configuration of the security infrastructure – including security policies such as application testing during development or network connectivity at runtime.

Intelligence-led security operations center (SOC) orchestration solutions. These centers go beyond preventive technologies and the perimeter, and event-based monitoring. To meet the challenges of the new “detection and response” paradigm, an intelligence-driven SOC also has to go beyond traditional defenses, with adaptive architecture and context-aware components. To support these required changes in information security programs,

Remote Browser

Most attacks start by targeting end users with malware delivered via email, URLs, or malicious websites. A new approach to address this risk is to remotely present the browser session from a “browser server” (typically Linux-based) running on-premises or delivered as a cloud-based service. By isolating the scanning function from the rest of the endpoint. In the corporate network, malware is kept off the end user’s system. And the company significantly reduces the attack surface by shifting the risk of attack to server sessions.


These technologies are emerging across networks, applications, endpoints, and data, with the best systems combining multiple techniques. By 2018, Gartner predicts that 10 percent of organizations will use deception tools and tactics. And actively engage in deception operations against attackers.

General Trust Services

As enterprise security departments are required to extend their protection capabilities to operational technology and the Internet of Things, new security models must emerge to deliver and manage trust at scale. Other security services are designed to scale and support the needs of billions of devices, many with limited processing power. Organizations seeking greater scale, distributed trust, or consensus-based services should focus on trust services that include secure provisioning, data integrity, confidentiality, identity, and device authentication.

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The advantages of digital health registration with medical software

Having a digital record is an advantage for all types of medical offices. Traditionally, both the records and other files related to patients had analog support, usually paper, which made it difficult to consult and transfer information. Digital media applied to records has made it possible to include the advantages of online media in digital health practice. You may also like to read how to find hidden cydia on iphone via

Digital marketing and its impact on the world

We currently live in a changing world, where technology has been exceeding our expectations and likewise, marketing strategies must evolve and adapt according to exponential growth.

The internet has become our best ally and that is why digital marketing is a key and fundamental piece for any brand, if you want to obtain a presence in this complicated digital world but are very moved by the various changes and new laws that They will be created in each country to maintain control in the management of data and information. You may also like to read putting flyers on cars via

Marketing Definition

What is digital marketing

which has existed for a long time and is nothing more than strategies that allow a brand to be positioned in the consumer’s mind, study and analyze the behavior of each consumer in order to establish the brand in the mind and earn an important place. As well as studying the desires of the consumer and finding a way to satisfy it.

One of the main functions of marketing is to transmit emotions and sell experience, it is not just about selling a product, it is about successfully positioning the brand in the consumer’s mind through feelings, experiences and sensations that create the need to acquire the product again.

For this reason, digital marketing is to mix all these factors and combine them with technology and thus taking advantage of digital communications, reaching any part of the world, is characterized by the use of electronic devices that allow a global connection, browsing through different equipment, can connect and convey a need to acquire a brand.

Social networks, digital transportation

This new trend has revolutionized the world of marketing since social networks are also used to communicate, promote, and boost any brand, creating emotions and acquisition needs for any product.

And not only social networks, but it is also any other website that can be visited anywhere in the world. However, this digital marketing can be transmitted through television channels, radio, digital magazines, digital newspapers, blogs, among others, in order to interact with the customer.

For them, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important. Achieving an important role among brands since it allows for more effective monitoring and efficient communication. As well as monitoring of the strategies implemented in real-time.  It can be verified each strategy in case one of them is not working can be changed and modified quickly.

Why is it important to learn about digital marketing today?

Just as technology has evolved, marketing strategies are not far behind, therefore, each idea that brands want to materialize transports it in digital spaces that allow each Internet user to explore, learn and interact.

This constant and direct interaction allows the creation of advertisements adapted to each reality, approach, and nature of each brand, since, with a small investment, it can reach a large part of the world in a matter of seconds.

But digital strategies without the support of traditional advertising can create a high dependency. Therefore, it is necessary to be part of the process to combine both strategies. And thus achieve greater positioning in the mind of the consumer.

Learn about digital marketing

I think a brand that is not present with a solid strategy in digital marketing is destined to fail. Due to the low acceptance in the market. why? Today we all live connected to the digital world either through social networks, web pages, magazines, and digital newspapers.

Any information, brand, service, or organization that we need is just a click away. A brand in the digital world that is well-positioned gives the consumer security with suggestions or comments. From other consumers can also be acquired, positive comments give you more security when choosing.

The internet, the growth of electronic commerce, and social networks have marked the trends in Digital Marketing. Making consumer needs now more easily understood and met. The closeness with the client and the freedom of decision that is given to him by allowing him to comment on products and services, share the content.

In this sense, it reinforces the importance of learning about digital marketing. To achieve greater reach and better acceptance of a brand.

It is of utmost importance for the growth of organizations. That applies the various digital marketing strategies, which link devices, media, networks. And tools that are strategically used can support the productivity of employees, customer satisfaction. The construction of products, and the connection with stakeholders.

Is there a perfect age to learn about digital marketing?

It is never too late or too early to learn something new, regardless of the profession. Because this depends on your desire and thirst to acquire new knowledge, which drives you to grow as a person.

Therefore, there is no perfect age to learn about this extraordinary subject. It is today, it is now, no matter how old you are, the important thing is to want to grow, want to learn. And put it into practice, because the evolution of technology does not go away to stop here. On the contrary, it continues to drive more and more to be able to evolve and grow.

Benefits of digital marketing

They offer immediate statistics, allowing you to create solutions and thus make your respective adjustments.

In a way, it is simpler, faster, more efficient, and easier to measure.

Reach can be higher, as it is exposed to large digital communities (you can click here to know the amount today)

Most of us no longer conceive of life without the Internet: we listen to music on the Internet, shop on the Internet. And interact with other people through the Internet.

What are social networks?

The general definition of social networks is connections made by each person acting as a communication node. Where through each contact the network grows and of course, more complex and complete networks are created.

In our time, social networks have become one of the most important platforms. Since you can connect from anywhere in the world.

They are Internet sites made up of communities of individuals with common interests. Or activities (such as friendship, kinship, work, among others).

It is what allows millions of people to connect regardless of country, schedule, culture, and language; in a fast, efficient, and effective way through any device, be it computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, or other devices. And in this way it allows them to interact.

Currently, social networks are an important part of anyone’s lifestyle.

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Digital marketing: impact on sales and business

  • Discover the advantages and benefits of digital marketing applied to your company.
  • Know the difference between digital brands and digital reputations, and evaluate their benefits.
  • Find out how digital marketing can help increase sales and grow your business.

Before the pandemic, the use of digital tools was almost a habit among consumers. During and after it, it has become one of our essential activities. Companies must therefore align themselves with this reality and invest in digital media to reach their customers. That is, they must invest in digital marketing.

In addition, marketing involves different actions, whose main purpose is to promote products, services, or companies through various digital platforms. At the same time, it represents an excellent alternative to multiply business opportunities and with it, income.

The Advantages Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing advantages

Appropriate Segmentation

Many companies interact with their public on the Internet; for example, through social networks or online surveys. Thanks to this, digital campaigns can be targeted in a more specific way.

It is possible to design marketing strategies aimed at the target audience. This may be of a certain age or gender, having a particular geographic location, etc. Therefore, your actions will be able to fit perfectly with your buyer personas.

Better Results With Less Investment

Any digital action that your company can carry out will be much cheaper than what it does in a traditional medium.

Additionally, the fact of being able to direct these actions specifically to the target audience allows avoiding the waste of resources and, in turn, improves the results. In short, it is a strategy that can be much more profitable.

Brand Consolidation

Strengthening your company’s brand will be one of the greatest advantages of using digital channels to promote yourself. Digital marketing implies strategies with long-term results, so it implies continuous and progressive work within the established period.

Over time, your brand will become more and more visible in the online environment, and that will improve your presence on the Internet. It will also give you an authority in the market, gradually gaining the trust of your target audience.

Monitoring And Measurement Of Results

Digital marketing has tools that make it possible to know the results in real-time, which implies a great advantage. Each executed action can be quickly analyzed to determine its effectiveness.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems greatly facilitate these tasks. They allow you to track a wide variety of metrics. These will depend on the objectives pursued with the implementation of each campaign.

Digital Marketing Today

In the digital environment, success is determined by two fundamental factors: the digital brand and digital reputation. Let’s dive into it:

The Digital Brand

This is built through the direct relationship that companies create with their audience through the use of different digital media. Digital presence is essential and to achieve it, you have to rely on the use of digital marketing.

The value of the brand in the digital world will grow with each accompaniment and new experience that is provided to the public through this medium. This is because it increases the closeness of the company with its customers and with it, the brand becomes more solid.

Digital Reputation

Thanks to the close interaction between the brand and its followers through digital media, it is possible to detect their opinions, needs, and desires. In this way, strategies can be rethought and/or improved based on these results.

To the extent that a brand gives its public what it needs and expects from it, its satisfaction increases. As a consequence, consumers share their experiences and recommend the company to other users, favoring its reputation.

The Pulling Power Of Marketing

Digital marketing is more attractive than traditional because it is less aggressive. Digital strategies seek for the customer to approach the brand in a natural way, either because they like what the brand offers or because they identify with it in some way.

It is necessary to understand that the modern buyer is much more active and knows what he wants. You use various means to gather information, to make better decisions, and you are not afraid to demand what you want.

Digital marketing allows you to give the new consumer the information they need to make a good purchase decision.

The current market is governed by a type of consumer who wants to buy but does not want to feel attacked. On the contrary, he wants to have the power to decide.

In this sense, digital marketing is an excellent tool to give the new consumer the information they need to make their own purchase decision.

How To Increase Sales With Digital Marketing?

For digital marketing to be truly effective and positively impact sales, there are some premises that must always be met. Here we mention several:

  • Look for quality leads. It is achieved through the proper segmentation of your campaigns. Attract the public that is truly related to your brand, product, or service.
  • Use various digital channels. Make use of social networks, blogs, email, apps, landing pages, etc. Combining multiple media expands your chances of conversion. Use different content formats for each channel.
  • Make good use of SEO. Optimizing your content for the search engines of the different digital channels is essential. It will allow you to locate your brand among the first search alternatives.
  • Provide valuable content. The content must connect with your audience, be original, and reflect the style and identity of the brand. For that, it must also be adjusted to each buyer persona and their buyer journey.


If the objective is to increase the sales of your business, digital marketing is a great ally. Its high profitability and effectiveness make it an indispensable element for the support of the commercial units of any company.

At Bold, Consulting Group we believe that increasing sales is a fundamental factor of business success. It must be done with the advice of experts in the commercial and marketing area, together with the financial area, to ensure that every investment generates a healthy and attractive return.

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Impact of the fusion between technology and production

Changes in technology and production are taking place at accelerated steps. And although there are economies that are leading the way in this matter. The countries of Latin America should not throw in the towel. And limit themselves to playing a passive role in the new revolution in production systems.


technology and production introduction

The world is undergoing a major technological transformation. The developments in recent years in different areas of science were exponential. And generated quality jumps in production. Technical advances do not stop and mature powers disburse significant amounts of resources. To lead innovation and continue to be the protagonists of production systems for decades to come.

The United States and the strongest countries in Western Europe are some of the economies spearheading these technical changes. China is another of the countries where strong capital bets are made. And business strategies are implemented that promote the development of disruptive products with a global reach.

Until a few years ago it seemed like a science fiction idea to think of a refrigerator. Without the intervention of a human being would send a purchase order for meat. Milk, and fruit to the supermarket as it empties. But today it is a matter of time before these types of products combine artificial intelligence, data science, and telecommunications.

What Is The Internet Of Things?

ECLAC recently carried out valuable work to immerse itself in this new area that will change production on a global level. In his document “Algorithms, data and policies. The redefinition of the digital world” describes the Internet of Things as follows:

Technology and production connect a network of physical elements. Equipped with electronic components, sensors, and actuators, with software. This allows data to be captured, filtered, and exchanged about themselves and their environment in order to generate information and practical knowledge that is translated into intelligence for taking decision-making and resource allocation through the use of second-line applications, ie back-end. (ECLAC 2018, pp. 25)

In China, for example, the brain activity of some workers in assembly factories began to be monitored. This allows to know in detail the performance that the individual will have throughout a day and to remove it from the production line in case an algorithm generates an alert.

An investigation by the South China Morning Post, in which the use of technology in the Zhejiang Power Grid plants was analyzed, perfectly graphs it from the words of one of the company’s executives: “when the system commands An alert, the boss asks the worker to take the day off or perform a less stressful task. Some jobs require high concentration. There can be no mistake.

What Are The Companies That Are Leading These Transformations?

The companies that are currently leading the introduction of digital into the physical world are the same that in the last two decades established themselves as large software technology and production firms with global sales.

These are companies that based their businesses on the intensive use of user data and seek to expand their services by innovating in the world of the Internet of Things. Advertisements from Amazon or Google about AI assistants who do housework are not strange to anyone and reflect the pattern of business.

These firms managed to accumulate a huge amount of capital that currently allows them giant budgets for research and development, where a priority is to advance in the fusion of the digital with the physical.

The market value of the big tech multinationals exceeds imagination. The ECLAC registered that the capitalization of Apple as of February 2018 was 910,000 million dollars, while that of Google (Alphabet) was 800,000 million, that of Amazon (702,000 million), Microsoft (699,000 million), Facebook (522,000 million), Tencent ( 520,000 million), and Alibaba (479,000 million).

The diversification of these companies is remarkable. The following table gives an overview to understand the business units of these multinationals:

What Role Can Latin America Play?

The existence of these large technology and production companies does not imply that the spaces to participate in technological transformation are closed. Changes are taking place at accelerated steps and, although there are economies that are leading the way in terms of innovation, the countries of Latin America should not throw in the towel and limit themselves to playing a passive role in this new revolution in production systems.

ECLAC shows optimism on this point and ensures that the region has a real opportunity to position itself as a provider of new technologies. The region is better prepared for this technological revolution than it was in previous revolutions. In which it imported mature technologies with fully consolidated market structures. (ECLAC 2018, pp. 10).

This is due to the fact that advances in the training of human capital in digital technologies. Even the most advanced ones are important in the region. Another element that opens up opportunities is progress in connectivity, particularly through the use of 3G and 4G networks.

The debate on Latin American development cannot ignore the need to establish the region as a global technology provider. This also requires moving forward in an urgent discussion on data security. And privacy policies, and the political and ethical aspects of their use.

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Becoming a digital nomad: how to work while traveling

Becoming digital nomads is a project that Martina and I are undertaking with a lot of passion and commitment. How many of you wouldn’t want to get up in the morning. Turn on your laptop and run your business from any location on the other side of the world? Not to mention the possibility of choosing how and where to move in complete freedom! Working while traveling is a dream for which, we are sure, many people would make false papers, including us! Becoming a digital nomad, however, is not the dream that everyone expects: it is a life choice that can lead to much personal satisfaction, but also requires a lot of commitment and sacrifices.

Epic seven game can be an anime

Epic seven game has recently started service in Japan. The anime industry is concerned about the future of their industry if this 7 on 7 epic battle style smartphone game becomes a hit.

“I would never have thought that this genre would come to life.” says anime director Obara Haruhiko. “The players are already fantasizing about which lucky voice actors will voice the characters in the game.”

How can epic seven games be an anime?

Epic seven has been described as a new style of battle where you choose your fighting characters from anime and voice actors. The battle system is slow but intense. In this game, the total fighting time is only about 10 minutes. You can experience epic battles like in an anime fight during that limited time.

This game is perfect for anime fans. We don’t have to worry about the story because it’s complete with an anime. We just need to write a new script and add original characters on top of the game story. Of course, there will also be players who aren’t anime fans but gamers.

How many percent do you think will be anime fans?

I think it’s better not to think about numbers. It will only make the anime industry weaker if they are discouraged because there are fewer anime fans.

Epic seven-game has just released their service in Japan. It’s too soon to have any worry now. According to Suzuki, now is the time to encourage each other. Keep reading epic seven anime

What is special in epic seven game anime?

According to Suzuki, the special thing about epic seven game anime is how it’s a direct collaboration with voice actors and voice actresses.

In this game, you can choose from over 100 anime fighting characters from popular fighting games. They include Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Bleach and more. Even if the title of an anime is changed, the characters are the same.

The voice actors for these anime are also included in this game, for example Naruto’s voice actress Uchida Maaya and Bleach’s voice actor Morita Masakazu. Moreover, there are original characters to make an epic seven battle even more intense. Players can choose whether to play as a team of anime characters or an original character team.

There are over 60 different voice actors and actresses in the game, which is quite impressive for a smartphone game by itself. The problem is their schedule; they are all talented actors that are busy with other projects.

Is Epic seven the best anime game?

Epic seven game is created by Nexon, so it’s customary for this company to release a new game every month. According to Suzuki there are times where they’ve had to fight against Nexon about the release schedule. He says that he’d like to take his time with epic seven to make sure everything goes well. So far, Nexon has been very supportive of the team and allowed them to take more time than usual.

Epic seven game just released their service in Japan and there isn’t really any way to see how it’s doing. According to Suzuki, this is why they can’t think about just two or three seasons for the anime. Since epic 7 is a collaboration between voice actors and voice actresses, it’s going to take a long time. It might be hard for Nexon at first, but they will probably see the numbers climbing up soon.

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What to do if the mobile is not charging?

The mobile phone is nowadays an indispensable accessory if we want to communicate quickly and easily with our friends or relatives. However, if we want it always works well, we will have to avoid putting it in moist places full of dust. However, it may happen that the mobile phone does not recharge when we connect it to the power outlet, so in this case, we will have to take some simple but effective measures to make it work perfectly. In the next steps of this guide, so let’s see what to do if the phone does not recharge.

Check the charger cable

The first thing to do is to check the charger cable, because if it is worn out, the mobile phone charges with difficulty or, in some cases, not at all. If we find out that it is this problem, then it is necessary to buy a new one which must be perfectly compatible with our phone, so it is better if the same brand of the mobile phone.

Clean the charging socket

Another tip is to carefully clean the charging socket on our mobile phone; in fact, even dust may get stuck inside the cell phone socket, preventing it from being recharged. To clean the charging socket of the mobile phone, we can use a brush with soft and small bristles or a paper handkerchief. Furthermore, we can also disassemble our mobile phone and make sure that the battery is inserted perfectly. Sometimes it can happen that the battery does not recharge because it has not been inserted correctly. If, on the other hand, we notice it damaged, the advice is to buy a new battery in the shop where we bought our phone, or in one that sells spare parts for mobile phones and smartphones.

Purchase a new battery

On the other hand, if our mobile phone is very old, then we can buy the replacement battery on numerous sites on the web, which sell new spare parts at a very low price as they are inventories. If our mobile phone is of the latest generation and still under warranty, we can also take it to the appropriate service center, where a qualified employee will be able to view and repair it for free in no time. Finally, to avoid wearing out the battery, we do not keep the mobile phone constantly under charge even when it is not needed, and above all, we do not put it next to heat sources that could damage it.

Why is a phone not charging?

The first step is to clean the charger entrance: both in Android and iOS smartphones, there can be accumulations of dust or other elements that block the charge. Very carefully, try to clean the inside without damaging the entrance (alternatively have a technician do it): often with the cleaning of 10 seconds you solve the problem completely and it is advisable to buy a can of compressed air (often used to clean computers and keyboards) and let the air do the cleaning without risk).

This procedure is advisable both because the phone does not charge in the presence of dust and because the phone recharges in fits and starts: if the slightest pressure on the cable is enough to stop charging, this could be a solution.

Also, remember that certain applications, such as games, consume more battery than the charger can retrieve, so you may see your phone shut down even while plugged in.

A tip in this regard, if you have a dead phone and you need to charge it as much as possible before going out, is to close all apps and put it in airplane mode while charging: you will see that the battery level will rise much faster.

The fault could be the battery: although this is the rarest case, sometimes the smartphone battery (especially if used for a long time improperly) can be damaged and no longer maintain the charge level for a long time.

Having the battery replaced is the most effective solution, even if often expensive. If the charge level does not allow you to reach the end of the day, then I suggest you buy a cover with an integrated battery.

It is a smartphone case with a second battery inside: just press a single button to start charging wherever you are, even if it tends to increase the weight of the smartphone itself.


We must talk about the damage caused by use: in particular, if your smartphone has been exposed to water or other liquids and these have reached the internal components, you must absolutely take it to a technician. Unfortunately, no bowl of rice can help.

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How to untag yourself on Facebook?

Would you like to avoid having to manually remove tags from Facebook photos every time? For this reason, you need to know how to untag yourself on Facebook. You wonder if there is a preventive solution to avoid being tagged in the photos and posts that your friends publish on the well-known photo social network. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can, using the Diary Checker tool located in the Settings menu.

How to untag yourself on Facebook?

Would you like to remove the tag from all Facebook photos in which your friends have tagged you at the same time? In this case, proceed by following the instructions I am about to give you in the next paragraphs to succeed in using the Facebook post management tool.

To check the posts and photos in which you have been tagged by acting as a smartphone, and possibly remove more than one simultaneously, log in to Facebook via the app you downloaded on your Android device, iOS.

Now, press on the item Manage posts, located in correspondence with the section of your profile (the little man icon). In the new screen shown to you. Put the checkmark on all the photos you want to remove the tag. To find them more easily, press the Filters item and activate the option called Tagged Posts.

After selecting the photos, click on the Next button and confirm the removal of the tag by clicking on the item Remove tag.

From computer

You can remove the tag from multiple Facebook photos at the same time, even from a computer. To do this, connect to Facebook, reach your profile screen, and then click on the item Manage posts.

Now, put the checkmark on the wording Show only the posts in which I have been tagged, then select all the posts from which you want to remove the tag from the photos (maximum 50 photos are selectable) and press the Next button.

Finally, select the words Remove tags and confirm the operation by clicking on the Finish button.

Untagged from a Facebook photo

Do you want to know how to remove the tag from a Facebook photo, acting as a smartphone and tablet? In this case, to start, start the social network app you downloaded on your device by pressing on its icon that you find on the home screen and/or in the drawer, then log in to your account, if required.

Once this is done, go to your profile screen, which you can reach by tapping on the little man icon located in the bottom menu. Now, locate the post with a photo published on your profile in which you have been tagged, then tap on the icon (…) and, in the menu shown to you, press the item Remove the tag.

Alternatively, tap on the published photo, press the icon (…) located in the upper right corner, and tap the Remove tag item in the menu that is shown to you.

Another solution that you can put in place to remove the tag from a Facebook photo is to act through the section Your Facebook photos, which contains all the images you have published on the social network and those you have been tagged.

To do this, press on the Photo item located in your profile, then press on the Photo tab where you are to see the photos in which there is the tag. To remove it, click on the icon (…) at the top right, and then tap on the Remove tag item to remove it.

From computer

If you prefer to remove the tag from a Facebook photo from your computer, connect to the well-known photographic social network, and log in to your account, or, if you prefer, you can use the Facebook application for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store.

To start, go to your Facebook profile screen, then locate the post in which you have been tagged in a photo and click on it to see it. Now, click on the Options item located at the bottom, and remove the tag by clicking on Remove Tag.

If you are using the Facebook application for Windows 10, you can remove the tag even faster by clicking on the icon (…) located at the top right and then pressing on the Remove tag.

To individually remove the tag from photos, act through the Facebook media gallery. Instead, click on the Photo item in the section of your profile and then click on the Photos tab where you are. Then locate the photo you want to untag and click on it. Finally, click on Options located at the bottom and confirm the removal of the tag by clicking on the item Remove tag.

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How to block unwanted SMS

We will surely have received advertising text messages on our mobile phone that is very often so frequent as to be annoying. This happens when, for example, we provide our telephone number to register on some internet sites, which then use them to send us various types of advertising. If we want to solve this problem, but we are not very experienced with this world, we can try to search the internet for guides that show us all the various techniques to use in order to avoid receiving annoying advertisements all the time. In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to block unwanted SMS.

How to block unwanted SMS

Unwanted messages can really come from dozens and dozens of sources. Telephone operators, advertisements, market surveys, etc., can be really intrusive and become a real nightmare. Continuously hearing the arrival of unwanted messages can become really unbearable and in order to no longer have this perennial stress, it is important to block their arrival on your mobile phone through the right procedures. The operation that will allow us to perform this block can only be done on Android phones and not on too obsolete devices that do not allow you to download specific applications.

Current smartphones with Android and iOS have options built to block the messages from certain numbers or contacts without having to install apps further. Remember that you will not be able to retrieve the messages that you block unless they send you the message again.

Applications to download

The applications that can block incoming SMS on your SmartPhone are really a lot. We will, therefore first have to connect to the internet from the mobile phone and download an application suitable for blocking SMS from the Google Play Store. “SMS Blocker”, “SMS Filter”, “Spam SMS Blocker” are just some of the applications that allow us to block the reception of incoming SMS. These applications will allow us to block any unwanted calls or SMS arriving on the SmartPhone. Once you have downloaded the application on your mobile, let’s install it and configure it according to our needs.

Code for blocking SMS

If we do not have a mobile phone with a connection or we are unable to download applications for the phone, we can block all incoming SMS by typing * 35PASSWORD * 16 # on the phone keypad. By typing in these numbers and inserting the number of the Wind, Tim or Vodafone telephone operator instead of “PASSWORD”, we will be able to block all incoming SMS, without selecting only the numbers from which we no longer want to receive messages.

Block SMS in ios

To block SMS messages and stop receiving messages from contacts that you select yourself or have entered their number manually, just go to Settings / Messages / Blocked contacts.

Nowadays, phones are used for a lot of purposes, from recreational to educational or fun. However, they are also used as a tool of marketing to reach promotions or ad users without their consent. For this reason, if you have ever had to deal with an unwanted message from a company, here we have indicated the step by step to stop receiving them.

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How to send large files over the internet?

Today, thanks to internet connections with fiber and 5G, sending large files in a few seconds is possible because the upload speed has become truly remarkable. However, to transmit large files, you will not be able to use the normal email service because there are very limited limits for the maximum size of the files attached to the email. So if you need to share large files (by large, I mean even several Giga), you will have to find an alternative method. I will show you, without wasting too much on useless chatter, the best free services for sending large files in this guide.

How to send large files over the internet?

As I told you, if you have to send large files (for example, the content of a CD or an ISO image of a program), you will not be able to use a normal email message because the maximum size of attachments is always very low. Fortunately, you have many other possibilities. You can:

  • Share large files via cloud storage services such as iCloud or Dropbox
  • Use messaging applications that allow sending large files
  • Use special email services that allow sending large files
  • Use free file submission services

As for email services, some service providers such as Gmail allow you to send emails with large files thanks to their integration with cloud storage services. On Gmail, if the sum of all the attached files exceeds 25MB in the email instead of the attachments, a Google Drive link will be automatically added from which you can download the files. In this way, you can transmit files up to 10GB.

Another email service that allows you to send files up to 20GB in size is JumboMail. The interesting thing about this site is that you can use it without registration, entering only the recipient’s data and specifying how long the files must remain available (a week or 6 months). It is very convenient if you have to use it only once, or you can choose to register for free if you want to keep track of the emails you have sent.

However, the most popular service for transmitting large files remains Wetransfer. It is a completely free website that allows you to send files up to 2GB in size. In practice, you will have to upload the files you want to share on its server and specify the recipient’s email that you will have 7 days to open the email and click on the link to download the files. This site also offers the possibility (with a subscription) to extend the space up to 20GB. The app for Android and iOS is also available for this service.


The Mega site allows you to share large files (up to 50GB ) for free after simple and quick registration. All you have to do is register, choose the free plan, and upload the files. Once done, you will get the link to download the files you can send to anyone you want.

To share large files, you can also use the free space provided by the many cloud storage services. Their convenience is that you can create folders within them and organize files just like you do on your home computer. iCloud, the Apple service, for example, allows you to have free 5GB of network space to share with whoever you want and accessible from Windows, Mac, Smartphone or directly from the Web.

Another historical service is Dropbox which offers 2GB of free space to use for streaming large files. Google through Google Drive gives us 15GB of free space to share large files. Last but not least, Microsoft OneDrive has 5GB of free space to send large files.

From a smartphone then, to send large files, you can also use messaging services. Telegram, for example, allows you to send files up to 2GB in size. The Send Anywhere App for iOS and Android allows you to send any file from smartphone to computer without limitations quickly and easily.

So, in conclusion, to send large files, you are spoiled for choice; the only real limit to sending large files is the upload speed of your WiFI connection, but if you have fiber at home, then everything will be very easy and fast.

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The 6 best games confirmed for PS5

The new generation of Sony consoles has the entire gaming community excited with many promises and a high level of expectations. And it is that certain video games for the Play Station 5 have been rumored for some time.

Clearly, these titles will be 100% optimized to get the most out of the console. And that the experience when playing is unique.

And despite the various comments about which titles will be present on the Play Station 5 platform, in this article you will learn about some of the video games that are confirmed, both by the developer and by Sony.

List of exclusive games for Sony PS5 console

Astro’s Playroom

This friendly robot will star in a new adventure with the arrival of the PlayStation 5 under the name of Astro’s Playroom. It is based on Astro and his team traveling through four worlds based on console components, allowing you to thoroughly test the strengths of the new controller and take full advantage of the DualSense features.

Best of all, it will come installed directly on the PlayStation 5. So everyone can try this fun game that you are undoubtedly going to love.

Demon’s Souls

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5 will be the launch of Demon’s Souls Remake. The game that gave rise to the Souls saga, will arrive with totally renewed aesthetics and graphics, incredible scenarios, and more epic battles without abandoning the original essence of the popular RPG.

Destruction All-Stars

Although it will not be part of the launch of the PS5, its arrival is estimated for early 2021 and it will be available for two months on the PlayStation Plus service totally free. This action-packed, riotous driving game focuses on free action and the fight to win the Global Federation of Destruction Championship crown.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

On this occasion, Miles Morales will be the protagonist and replacement for Peter Parker under the skin of the superhero Spider-Man. Although there is still no complete knowledge about the gameplay of the title, it is incredible what a small preview of the game has revealed through incredible graphics, animations, fights, camera movements, and details that promise for this video game.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

This is a three-dimensional game where we can order the skin of a mythical wool character from the Little Big Planet saga, Sackboy, who will have to rescue his friends from the villain Vez, the main antagonist of the story.

Now that you know some of the most anticipated and especially exclusive games for each of the consoles, what will be your choice? Undoubtedly, this renovation represents a great leap in graphic quality and playability for both companies. So the console you choose will be a success

Gran Turismo 7

Another of the games that present exclusivity for the PS5 is the Gran Turismo saga. This time they dazzle their followers with the title Gran Turismo 7. This racing and simulation video game developed by Polyphony Digital will have the highest quality standards, capable to get the most out of the power of the Sony console.

Previously in the presentation of the console, you could see something about the game, clearly, it surprised the community since the quality of the realism present is amazing, this version of GT will include a series of high-end vehicles, new tracks from different countries, and best of all: “an open-world” that will give an even more realistic experience.

How to use WhatsApp on two phones

The way of instant messaging is constantly developing every day. Its use is more and more frequent. To get to the point that a telephone can no longer be enough. Usually, when you activate a Whatsapp account on one device and connect from another. The other will automatically disconnect, and vice versa. However, certain ways allow you to do this. Here’s how to use Whatsapp on two phones.

How to use Whatsapp on two phones

When signing up for Whatsapp, the normal process is to provide only one phone number to verify. All this is done to be sure of the mobile number. Officially, there is no real procedure to overcome this discomfort. But, there is a very simple and effective trick that can solve it in the best way.

How to have Whatsapp on two devices

Everyone knows the possibility that WhatsApp Web offers us in using our WhatsApp account on mobile and computer at the same time. However, it is also possible to use the web version of the famous messaging applications to use Whatsapp on two different devices at the same time.

You will see that it is simpler than it may seem, we have tested it on two different terminals and it works perfectly, so if you are curious, you can try it whenever you want, surely you will like it.

Now let’s move on to our main smartphone, in which we have WhatsApp installed and working perfectly. We go to the three points at the top right and click on WhatsApp Web. Once the scanner appears, we position ourselves on the second terminal and scan the QR code that appears in CloneZap.

After performing this action, you will see Whatsapp split on your normal mobile, on the second terminal. And yes, it works as if it were WhatsApp Web, and I already told you, we have tested it and it works perfectly.

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible; much less use Whatsapp on two different mobile phones. All this is possible thanks to Whatsapp Web. By using this service, it is possible to use Whatsapp on two separate phones. Of course, mobile phones. They must both be connected to the internet. Furthermore, in one of the two phones, you must have already downloaded the Whatsapp application. Now I will show you how to use Whatsapp on two different devices. All this in a very simple and effective way.

Guide to achieving the request

Now you need to check that you have Whatsapp updated to the latest version available. On the second mobile, the phone’s web browser must be started. After that, connect to the website. Whatsapp. Com. From your browser settings, you have to go ahead and select the ‘desktop site’. You will now see a QR code. It appears on the page. On the first mobile, you need to access the settings and go to Whatsapp Web. This step will start the QR code scanner.

Then, place the first mobile camera on the QR code that appears on the screen of the second. It will now automatically start scanning the code on the web browser. All of this won’t take long. So now, the account of the first phone will also be activated on the second. All this will happen automatically. You will now have the same account on two same devices.

To disconnect, just go back to Whatsapp Web with the first mobile. Then click on the settings and then on disconnect. So you will go back to originally using Whatsapp. I hope I have been helpful.

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Discount Shipping Helps Your Business A Lot More Than You Think

If you run a business that is online based – or even a local one that has a strong eCommerce presence – then you could assuredly benefit from the simple small business shipping tips that are about to be revealed right here and now in this article.

The truth is that studies show that customers in the eCommerce realm desire one thing over anything else: discount shipping, as is highlighted in a related white paper that outlines discount shipping as your best small business shipping tip. But getting discount shipping can be difficult, you might be thinking.

The truth is that it’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. You have options with a variety of online discount postage providers, ideal for the packages that you can send via USPS that are up to 20 pounds. There are even providers out there that connect you to volume discounts on USPS postage, even if you don’t meet the volume requirements.

So back to the question at hand: how does discount shipping help your online business?

Discount Shipping Helps to Spread the Words

One thing that studies have found is that people like to get discount shipping. When they do, and when your prices on the product are competitive, they are 65% likelier to tell a friend or a family member about your online store. And studies have also shown that 60% will choose a discount shipping option even if it means that they have to wait longer to get their package.

Closing the Deal Greatly Relies Upon Shipping Cost

Over 59% of consumers, according to new studies, have said that they want the shipping price to be relatively low in comparison to the value of the product that they are selling. If you offer discount shipping via Priority Mail, consumers get their packages fast and cheap, aiding in appeasing about 43% of shoppers that want their packages delivered in under eight business days with a discount shipping option.

Most Shoppers Want, Will Use a Discount Shipping Option

Even if your discount shipping option takes ten days by ground, it’s OK, because you are appealing to more than 70% of shoppers that want cheap shipping and are OK with it taking ten days to get to them. As you can see, discount shipping plays a strong role in sales and in the word of mouth advertising as well as repeat, loyal customers.

Other Small Business Shipping Tips

If you are looking for deals on shipping, there are a number of outlets that you can try.  Look at providers like Endicia and Stamps or even Pitney Bowes. All three tie you into instant discounts on digital USPS postage. Another provider, Express 1, has teamed up with TrueShip to offer discount shipping using a service called Flat Rate Select. All of these aforementioned options should be viably explored so you can reduce shipping costs and attract more customers.

Everything You Need To Know About CCTV Digital Video Recorders

No matter if you stay in a mid-sized home or a multi-million dollar apartment, it makes sense to have a good surveillance system installed. CCTV digital video recorders are presently the most popular type of surveillance system widely used in homes and large corporate offices. Usually, these systems are set up in areas that encounter the least amount of personal traffic.

Over the last few decades, these digital video recorders have undergone a major transformation. While the recorders manufactured a couple of years ago were bulky and rugged, the ones available presently are highly portable and require less amount of space to fit in.

Listed below are some of the cutting-edge features that make these digital video recorders a notable surveillance system:

Sufficient Storage Space

The latest recorders come with a good amount of storage space, some even extending up to 10TB, which can store hours of recorded videos. However, at times the existing space may seem insufficient for larger recorded video files. In order to tackle this problem, modern recorders come with additional features that let you make tiny tweaks to further increase the storage capacity.

Most of these recorders use a lossless video compression format, which greatly reduces the size of the video without compromising on its quality and length.

Upgraded hardware

The new-age video recorders pack in some powerful hardware, most of which is found in a standard computer system. However, these hardware components do not greatly add up to the overall weight of the recorder, thereby maintaining its portability. Interestingly, all the components present in a digital video recorder are easily available. So, in case the recorder doesn’t seem to be functioning to its highest potential, you can always get it repaired.

Includes a backup system

Many recorders come bundled with a backup feature that lets you store the recorded videos on more than one location. This can fall handy in instances where the internal hard drive of the recorder becomes inaccessible. In such situations, you don’t have to panic as the videos have been uploaded onto a back-up hard drive.

Some recorders also help you back up the videos onto a remote server. Most of these servers have a downtime of 0.01% and therefore are highly reliable.


Unlike a decade ago when surveillance systems cost a fortune, the ones available these days are highly affordable. With numerous manufacturers thriving hard to offer customers the best service, the prices of the products are slashed, making them cheap. Moreover, all recorders come with a specific warranty.

Easily Available

In case you plan to buy a CCTV Digital Video Recorder for your home or office, the best way to go about would be to visit an online store. These stores stock in an extensive variety of recorders, all of which are rightly categorized based on prices and brands. Above all, they also offer discounts on specific products which may further add up to your savings. Finally, they have a return policy in place that lets you return the purchased product in case you are not quite satisfied with what you have bought.

Warnings for those who are starting with Web Design

Do not quit your current job

Although you have a lot of knowledge about maximizing the profitability of a blog, an online business requires a lot of time and dedication. You have to work hard in the online business to receive later. Realistically, it doesn’t always work. Things have to be done very well to succeed and to do things well, they must be done slowly.

The ideal is to combine the new online business with the salary of the current job to face the challenge with peace of mind, this is the best while the positive results arrive. Smartly, you can build your blog little by little and when you start to make as much or more benefits as in regular work, consider dedicating your full time to it.

Learn as much as possible

When setting up an online company it is interesting to learn as much as possible about the competition and apply it in your own business and of course, stop to reflect when you think you are wrong and choose the best way to solve the challenge. Resources should be dedicated to studying the errors in order to act better the next time. Sure, when creating the business, things are going to be done the wrong way, but you have to continue and keep learning. The essential thing is to learn how to search on Google. In doing so, you can find answers on the Internet, where others have already been, to almost all the problems that arise when creating a new web design.

Avoid wasting time

Observing hourly statistics, reading leisure blogs, spending hours chatting on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube kills productivity. Focus on getting results and being disciplined to get them. Social Networks are very important to generate visits to the blog, but you have to stay focused on those tasks when you socialize.

Having fun

Either way, a business that the creator is passionate about should be chosen so that it is seen as a hobby and is approached with passion. In this way, it is enjoyed both when creating a web design, content, or when popularizing it. You have to enjoy the things you do, so have fun.

How does ERP software?

Any company regardless of its size, its market or your product, well or service that engaged, handles a large amount of information concerning the different process of the company, such as accounting, financial data of both material and human resources, and much more data. ERP software compiles this information in a large database, making it more manageable with which decisions will be taken more efficiently.

How to root android phone manually and do these after rooting

Android is an open-source OS, so users can customize their devices’ software, thanks to its high degree of flexibility. For root, we mean an unlocking procedure that allows you to further increase your freedom of action. Therefore, rooting an Android device means controlling your device entirely, modifying files, and applications to your liking. In the following guide, we will see just How to root an android phone manually.

How to root an android phone manually?

First of all, make sure that the procedure for enabling root is legal. To enable root, you must first back up all data on your smartphone or tablet. This appears essential as you have to unlock the bootloader when you root for the first time. This will lead to the deletion of any data on the Android device. Once this is done, proceed by unlocking the bootloader, the software that starts as soon as the device is turned on. How to unlock may vary from device to device.

Next, you will need to install a completely customized recovery. Recall, for example, TWRP or ClockworkMod. This will allow you to upload root files with administrator permissions already unlocked. Search to find the recovery that best suits your device and, after installation, proceed to the next step. You need to install the Root files on your Android device. In this regard, we remind you that you can replace the standard version of Android or even install the root without however replacing the Android version on your mobile device. The choice will depend on your preferences.

The root files will be distributed in the form of zip packages that you will need to run to complete the installation. Restart the device in recovery mode, select the Install option, and choose the root Zip package. Now you can then restart your smartphone or tablet and finally use the unlocked Android version. The procedure is not extremely complex: it is good to have some preliminary knowledge about the operations related to the root of a device.

What to do after rooting Android?

As we shall see throughout this guide, advanced Android technology now allows the user to deeply personalize their device by installing and uninstalling your liking your favorite applications. It is necessary to modify the system to obtain the c. D root permissions. Below, we will see exactly what root is exactly and above all what to do after rooting on Android (taking into account that root permissions allow you to install excellent Android programs, programs that allow the device to carry out particular actions, not executable without these permissions).

Install Tasker

Here is the first thing I recommend you do after rooting Android: install Tasker. It is a downloadable application for about 3 euros, which will allow you to increase your smartphone (or tablet). With this program, you can select certain actions that will be performed automatically by the Android device at the time you set yourself.

Install Titanium Backup

Here is another program that I highly recommend you install after rooting: Titanium Backup. It is an application that allows you to restore numerous elements of your smartphone (for example, data, photos, videos, and applications that are now deleted). This is another program that necessarily requires root.

Install Juice Defender

Juice Defender is another useful program, downloadable only after obtaining root permissions. It is a program that will allow you to reduce excessive battery consumption. Download it for free to enjoy its huge benefits.

Install Link2SD

Link2SD is a peculiar Android application, an application that will finally allow you to solve the problem of space in your Android device (both smartphone and tablet). With this application, you can take advantage of more internal memory to increase the number of installed applications. I recommend you download it.

Install Screencast Video Recorder

Here is the last thing I recommend you do after rooting: the last useful program that I recommend you download: Screencast Video Recorder. The application in question allows you to make recordings from the smartphone screen itself and record audio and take screenshots. It is a very useful application to download, especially if you love to record events and situations often.

How to Use Clips Twitch

Use Clips Twitch watchers to rapidly share the most remarkably Twitch minutes from communicates while empowering telecasters to develop their stations through social sharing!

Why Cant You Advertise Kratom or Cannabis on Facebook

Facebook marketing is a big part of the online social media product campaigning. It’s one of the best platforms to target a large demographic. If your advertising game is good, the whole thing could lead to amazing conversion and sales.

However, things are a little different for certain products and industries like the cannabis and kratom industry. Since both are illegal at federal levels, all social media platforms including Facebook have policies that severely limit advertising and marketing options for these businesses. The rules can be even stricter for kratom which is even more controversial than cannabis.

In the past, several businesses from these industries have had their social media pages and profiles shut down without so much as a prior notice by Facebook. It is very much possible for you as a cannabis or kratom business to have accounts banned if you try to place ads on Facebook.

But, despite all the challenges and risks that come with social media advertising and ad camping on this platform, there are some tactics that businesses can follow to leverage their situation and increase their reach without risking losing everything. Brands like kratom crazy white borneo have had amazing results with these tactics.

Challenges of Advertising on Facebook For These Businesses

Below are some obstacles you may face with your ads on Facebook:

  • Use of words like cannabis or marijuana could get your Adverts disapproved – According to Facebook policies, only pre-approved drug companies are allowed to run adverts. It treats cannabis-related products the same as alcohol, hate speech adverts, and online gambling. That is why words like cannabis do not align with their privacy policy and may not be allowed.
  • Adverts containing images of only marijuana may be disapproved

This is yet another challenge that you would need to be mindful of. Facebook does not allow standalone photos of cannabis or kratom.

  • Consistently disapproved adverts could bring down your credit score – Facebook uses its ‘trustworthiness’ ratings as a measure to stop the circulation of misleading information on the platform. When a lot of people report something as false, Facebook assigns a special team to check for the credibility of the story.

But, since checking for every story is a bit of a task, the platform instead relies on trust ratings. If you break Facebook’s privacy policies consistently, your trustworthiness factor will come down. This will diminish your online visibility.

  • Your account may be banned if you break any of these rules – If it’s a severe case, Facebook may even ban your account. It could take a lot of time to get it working again.

Advertising Tips for Marijuana and Kratom Business on Facebook

Since Facebook is rather rigid with its policies for stuff like cannabis and marijuana, marketers have had to come up with tactics so their trustworthiness score doesn’t drop and their accounts don’t get banned.

Below are some tried and tested ways in which you can bypass those policies and advertise your product on Facebook –

  • Be Wary of the Language You Use – This is common knowledge. In fact, this is the first golden rule of online marketing. The words you pick can make or break your marketing campaign. Picking the right words is all the more important when you’re promoting cannabis or kratom-related products. But, how do you avoid using words like cannabis?

One way is to use hyphens. For example, adverts like ‘medical-cannabis’ may be approved while ‘medical cannabis’ will be flagged. This is because Facebook treats the former advert as ‘one’ word while ‘medical cannabis’ will be counted as two different words.

  • Create a conversion funnel – After several of your adverts have been approved by Facebook’s algorithm – it’s time to move on to creating a conversion funnel. This is a tool that helps marketers better understand how customers navigate through their site and what gets them to take action.

With this kind of knowledge, you get a better sense of the type of adverts that proved effective on customers and drove sales. A funnel allows you to better tweak your adverts in a way that improves the quality of customers, sales, impressions, and traffic on the site. 

You can follow this 4-step method to create a conversion funnel –

Make sure your customers are aware of the product you’re selling. Any tactic that gets your target audience to notice your brand is good. Two ways in which you can do that is –

  • PPC Campaigns – These campaigns allow you to target customers that are actively looking for products/services like yours.
  • Organic Search – This is a long-term strategy that takes time but it gets you to target customers at a relatively lower cost.
  • Get your customers interested in the product/service you’re promoting 
  • Tell/show them why they need your kratom/cannabis product. 
  • Pick Watermarked Photos – If your Facebook adverts are getting banned because they contain a cannabis or kratom image, then try using some watermarked photos and add some text to it. This type of adverts with branding are approved by Facebook Ad manager even if the product contains a marijuana photo. Facebook bots give preference to branded products whereas it flags unbranded products/images.

In Conclusion

These are some of the tried and tested ways in which you can work your way around Facebook’s strict marketing policies. Always remember to play it safe and educate yourself with its privacy policies.

Security Tips for Finance Websites

Proper security measures on the internet can protect you from fraudulent activities. With the increase of options pertaining to online banking and carrying out transactions online, you need to secure your privacy. This is important for safeguarding your security when you use your devices to access the internet.

Online security does not have to be complex and it includes simple steps such as evaluating your accounts regularly and reporting fraud immediately. There are various things that you can do to be safe on the internet when you use your computer or a mobile device.

You can enhance your online safety by keeping a few tips in mind whenever you log on to finance websites.


Protect your identity and money by always using strong passwords for your accounts. Strong passwords refer to those that are not easy to guess both by people and computers. They should ideally have a minimum of 8 characters that include letters, symbols and numbers.

It is advisable to have different passwords and IDs for each financial account as well as other sites that you may visit online. Avoid using sensitive information such as credit card numbers as your passwords or PINs. If a person is able to find this type of information, it will be one of the first things that are used to access your financial accounts.

Emails and Downloads

Do not respond to any email that claims to have been sent by your bank or   organization asking  you for details of your account. Banks and legitimate companies would not use emails to request for personal or sensitive information. Be careful when opening attachments in emails and downloading software from sources that you do not know. This can expose your device and data to online theft and fraud.

Social Networks

Social networks on the internet are a popular and fun platform to share information but you should avoid giving away your financial information on them. Posting a lot of your personal information increases the risk of someone using it to get your accounts or engage in identity theft. Social networking sites provide privacy options that you can use to keep your personal information safe.


Be careful when clicking on links online and use security-enabled websites that have put extra security measures in place. Such sites have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your information is kept safe. Links in emails and messages from social networks may contain security threats even when they may be from people that you know.

Any urgent request pertaining to your financial or personal information is likely to be a scam. If you think that a particular link may infect your computer with a virus or be used to steal your information, do not click. You can get in touch with the sender of the email or message to verify where it came from.

Passwords for Mobile Devices

Use a password to lock your mobile devices to prevent people from accessing your data. Since your phone can land in the wrong hands, it is not a good idea to fill it with your personal and financial information.

Social Bookmarking Tips for Those Who Don’t Get It

Social bookmarking is a great way of keeping track of all of the websites and pages that you find most useful and interesting. It’s a great way of meeting others including those with whom you can network for business purposes. By supporting others there, you can find the support you need for your online business as well. It often allows those who are working alone to make it in the world of internet marketing, a chance to develop a supportive network to help them succeed.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which is better for marketing?

What are the differences between WhatsApp and Telegram from the point of view of the marketing opportunities offered to companies? Which should be use to give an extra boost to the direct relationship with customers and customer care? In recent years they have become the most downloaded and used instant messaging apps, stealing the scene from text messages, Windows Live Messenger and Skype and constantly increasing their popularity thanks above all to the multifunctional aspect that has made them practically indispensable.

Webinar: How to best use them for lead generation

Webinars can represent an excellent system for lead generation, attracting potential customers and establishing a good relationship with them. It is not easy to convince users to turn into leads and make a conversion to purchase. You need tenacity, attention and a long courtship phase to accompany the potential customer along the sales funnel steps.

The 5 pillars of any effective online marketing strategy

The implementation of an online marketing strategy consists of a series of actions and operating lines that must be continuously up to date. The tools, platforms, functionalities available on the internet and on the web continually take new forms and create new opportunities, therefore communication and marketing tactics and operations must be modified accordingly to remain effective to the maximum degree.

How to write an email aimed at selling

How to write a good email when the ultimate goal is to generate a sale? The answer may seem trivial, yet analyzing specifically the objectives of email marketing we realize that being able to avoid errors in achieving the final goal is not that simple.

How to integrate text into images

Images with text found everywhere: quotes on Instagram and funny jokes on Facebook. Site landing pages and online classifieds. From billboards to business cards, many of the projects we encounter everyday have something in common.

How to conquer the market with an online business

What are the right actions to do to create a profitable online business using the network? Here is what you need to consider

The Internet grants an infinite number of opportunities, including to create a profitable online business by exploiting the network. Considering that buying goods and services online constantly involves an increasing number of people, starting a business on the Internet can be the winning key for one’s professional success. In order to obtain the planned results, of course, it is necessary to choose the right methods and carry out correct market analyzes. The timing for consolidating the business in economic terms is variable and much depends on how the entrepreneur has moved and in what aspects he has paid more attention.

Facebook marketing goals for small and medium businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises can field Facebook marketing strategies with high margins of success. In fact, with more than 2 billion active users every month, it is not possible to exclude the social blue from your digital marketing plan.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is better to use for online advertising?

Facebook Ads or Google Ads? What is the best platform for online advertising? This is somewhat the question of the moment in the field of digital marketing. And in fact, when you intend to allocate a share of the budget to sponsorship, choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of advertising. In fact, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the most important online advertising channels. However, these have different characteristics, and they allow reaching different audiences and different objectives.

4 tips to improve Facebook listings

How to improve Facebook listings? This is a question that anyone involved in web marketing and social media marketing wants to answer, because currently Facebook advertising campaigns are one of the best methods for companies to make themselves known and reach their desired target with precision extraordinary.

Important Factors to Consider Before Starting a WordPress Website

WordPress has become one of the leading website platforms and its popularity continues to grow. It’s a relatively easy system to install and the huge community that has grown around this blogging and content management system means it’s a versatile website platform that can be used by a wide range of businesses and individuals. However, before you start a WordPress website you should consider the following factors.

Different Ways the Internet Will Change Our Lives Further

Most – if not all – parts of our lives are already affected by technology in one way or another, particularly the presence of the internet. We communicate with people through the internet and smartphones. We use computers to do work. We even rely on the internet for entertainment thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

An Informative Guide to Raid Technology

People across the world create a significant amount of data every day. From videos and audio files to emails and documents, we are constantly saving important files on our computers, external hard drives and cloud based networks.

Data storage has therefore become an essential part of everyday life, and one of the best storage options out there is RAID. For those unfamiliar with the RAID, we are offering an informative guide to the innovative technology.

What is RAID?

RAID is an abbreviation of a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, and it is a low-cost data storage technology that is formed from several physical hard drives to create a single unit. RAID is commonly used by many small companies as a server, as it can prevent data loss and can potentially boost computer speed.

What is Redundancy?

You may read the word redundancy throughout the article. This is a form of fault tolerance, which means both the array and data are usable even if one of the drives fail. When considering RAID, you will most likely read or hear about a one or two disk redundancy, which is a reference to the amount of drives that can fail before the technology stops working. Drive failure can happen, so redundancy can be a paramount importance to many companies. Keep reading how to evolve snom.

The Most Popular Raid Classifications

The technology can be rather complex in its design and operations, as it can be vulnerable to failure. For this reason, it should never be used as a substitute for a backup. RAID offers different classifications that can determine a system’s performance.

For example, RAID 1 can provide redundancy thanks to its mirroring technology, which allows data to be copied onto two or more hard drives. The mirroring technology can be a curse as much as a gift, because it means a malware infection will also be copied onto the drives and could destroy the data.

RAID 0 has become a popular option because it is thought to be one of the fastest classifications; however, there is a greater risk of losing data. Fortunately, it is possible for RAID technology to continue with some failed parts, but a user may sometimes have no other solution but to request a RAID 0 data recovery. If you are considering using RAID 0 as a server, you should be aware that it is not uncommon for the server to be unable to access the RAID volume – which can cause even the most experienced engineer to scratch his or her head.

Many companies often turn to RAID 5 for its data redundancy and speed. The class also writes data between the disks, whilst distributing parity data throughout all the array’s disks. Parity data is essentially a smaller amount of data that ensures the survival of the array when any drive fails. The classification uses a minimum of three disks, which can improve a computer’s performance exponentially, but it believed to be slower when performing multiple reads on a server.


In ancient Roman religion and law, the sacramentum was an oath or vow that rendered the swearer sacer, “given to the gods,” in the negative sense if he violated it. Sacramentum also referred to a thing that was pledged as a sacred bond, and consequently forfeit if the oath were violated. Both instances imply an underlying sacratio, act of consecration.

Lucus Augusti

Lugo is a city in northwestern Spain in the autonomous community of Galicia. It is the capital of the province of Lugo. The municipality had a population of 98,025 in 2018, making it the fourth most populous city in Galicia. Wikipedia

Main Advantages Of Outsourcing SEO

The truth is that SEO is not as simple as many think. There is so much that needs to be known and so many tasks that have to be done on a constant basis. It is very important to build a strategy that is as effective as possible and doing this in-house is much more difficult than what you may think. Outsourcing to a competent SEO agency offers numerous advantages, with the following being those that are of the highest importance for most businesses.

Questions to Seek from a Web Hosting Service Before Signing Up

Choosing a web host for your business can undoubtedly be a daunting experience for you. A bad web hosting service can turn out to be a nightmare for your business because it can lead to lost files, downtime and poor customer service. All in all, your business can be derailed and your reputation ruined. Luckily, there are some questions you can ask your web host before narrowing down your choices. This can aid you in weeding out the ones that are troublesome and don’t provide the level of web hosting service required. Listed below are some of the questions you should ask:

Know The Link Management For A Higher Page Ranking!

Does your blog or website contains high quality as well as informative content and is still running out of the results on search engines? If your answer is yes, you are supposed to make a detailed link-building plan for the same. Backlinks are an integral part of link-building process and you are expected to have a profound knowledge about Links Management for the same.

Get Rich Faster with Affiliate Marketing!

If you are willing to make money from a website, I am here to help you with the ways you can do it in a simple and convenient way. There are a number of ways people are following to earn money online today; buy affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for the same. I know you might be thinking of what the affiliate marketing is. Well, I am going to let you each and everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Online Resources to Help Improve Business Efficiency

Running a successful business is not an easy task. Whatever you thought you would need, you actually needed more. Whatever you thought you would make, you actually made less. Over time, all businesses that success know how to do three things extremely well.

4 Qualities of a True Digital Marketing/SEO Expert

Because of Google’s frequent updates, it has become almost impossible to distinguish between the various facets of digital marketing: SEO relies on social media and vice versa, paid search relies on similar factors as SEO. This means that companies today require not only an SEO expert in their employ, but also a person who understands how all digital marketing fields flow into each other. The following are the most important qualities to look for:

Technology: the new beauty industry?

It’s always a race to the finish line when it comes to technology. Who has the best device, on the fastest network, with the coolest bells and whistles wins. It seems that at least once a month we are having to upgrade or we are outdated. We have all seen those commercials, right? The one where you purchase a new TV or phone and by the time you reach the parking lot, they have a new version already out.